Employee Spotlight: Shonna


Asset Acquisitions Specialist


I process non-real estate investments.

What makes me a great member of the team

I have an eye for detail and am quick to make sure each transaction is done efficiently. I have the client’s best interest in mind and love to make sure they are satisfied with their transactions.

My passion at NDIRA

Representing our company to the fullest and making sure the client has a great experience.

My passion outside of NDIRA

I love to explore new places with my family and friends. Whether we’re discovering new hiking spots, lounges, restaurants, or live music, I love to try new places and things!

What I love about living in Colorado

Being a Colorado native, I love the beauty of the outdoors. The mountains, lakes, sunsets and seasons all contribute to the beauty of this state.

Favorite Movie

There are way too many to list, however most of them are comedies. I love a good comedy!

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