New Direction IRA wins Louisville Small Business Excellence Award

Earlier this month, the Louisville Small Business Excellence Award Program announced that New Direction IRA is the 2017 recipient of their prestigious award in the field of investing. Every year, their awards committee recognizes growing organizations that contribute to the Louisville, CO community through a commitment to quality business and marketing practices. Winners are selected through information obtained by third-party contributors and research by the Louisville Small Business Excellence Award Program itself.

New Direction IRA is honored to accept the Louisville Small Business Excellence Award. Operations rooted in transparency and integrity benefit consumers but also exemplify the value of small businesses to their local economies. Investing, retirement, and other such financial endeavors play an important role throughout one’s life, and we are proud to provide our clients with the framework to pursue the success that self-directed IRA investing can supply. Other institutions may garner a higher degree of media attention, but we have proven that an up-and-coming firm can be a leader in direct access to IRA experts, competitive fees, and free educational materials designed to equip investors with the tools to make informed decisions.

New Direction IRA has blossomed over the last several years and we remain steadfast in exhibiting quality business practices both in and out of Colorado. With an extensive client base from around the country, we’re excited to offer our unique brand of service to savvy investors beyond the city of Louisville. Although our headquarters still resides in the same neighborhood as it has since our company’s inception, our clientele and administered holdings have steadily risen and IRA holders seek us out from every part of the United States.

Even as demand for alternative investments continues to grow and our organization expands in turn, the emphasis on IRA education and high-caliber customer service for which we received the Louisville Small Business Excellence Award will always characterize our company. If you have questions about your alternative investment options or self-directed IRAs in general, please don’t hesitate to contact New Direction IRA.

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