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myDirection® Features

At New Direction IRA, we are committed to developing and adopting technology that makes IRA investing easier for the investor. myDirection® is the premier online account management portal in the self-directed IRA industry.

  • Customizable transaction filter that allows clients to organize their transactions based on asset or transaction types
  • Renters can pay rent directly into the IRA owner's account
  • Borrowers can pay their principle and interest payments directly to the IRA owner's account
  • Display of account holders' positions, balances, and transactions
  • Free online bill pay for IRAs that own real estate
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The Future of IRA Accounts

IRA providers' systems of service play a huge role in the amount of time and effort account holders must allocate to manage their IRA real estate investments. Investors can benefit from choosing an IRA provider that hosts technological convenience tools that eliminate paper processes and save both time and money.

  • 24/7 secure account access
  • Up-to-date account and transaction information
  • Buy, sell, and exchange precious metals online
  • Free online account statements and bill pay
  • Tenants and borrowers can make free and secure payments using ACH payment feature
  • Instantly pay your New Direction invoice and fees
  • Access your account anywhere at anytime on any device
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