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The idea of going into retirement with income generating investments has changed everything.

I was not comfortable in stocks since I am within reach of using some retirement money and could not afford a 2008 style crash at this point. I was caught between risky stock market and investments that had 1% return per year. Once I discovered SDIRA and the ability to purchase investment properties it was like eureka! The idea of going into retirement with income generating investments has changed everything. I plan to live off the rent my investments bring in. Way better than the previous plan which was to basically live off the money and hope it doesn't run out. I am now excited to enter retirement knowing that I will have a certain income every month and won’t rely on market to replenish what I use. Thanks so much--more people should know about this.

John F, MA

True Earning Potential in IRA Real Estate

The popularity of real estate investing continues to rise, and IRA investors are only now beginning to realize the true earning potential of bolstering their self-directed retirement plans with property. As one of New Direction IRA’s earliest clients, Mr. T was ahead of the game in realizing the benefits of investing in real estate. Since opening his account in 2011, Mr. T has acquired multiple properties with his IRA. These properties generate rental income, all of which bears tax advantages that only IRA investors may enjoy.

David T, CO

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New Direction IRA Client -M.A

New Direction IRA Client - J.P.

Different Retirement Account Offer Different Advantages

Different retirement account types offer different advantages, and diversification within those accounts only strengthens your approach. Few clients have demonstrated this better than Mr. Z. As a debt and equity real estate investor and a fund manager, he has taken advantage of the various IRA types offered by New Direction IRA. Mr. Zs portfolio diversification and active management contribute to his success and embody the potential of self-directed retirement..

Mike Z, NY

Real Estate Can be Mastered

Alternative assets are designed to hedge your bet against the volatility of publicly traded securities. The stock market can be a guessing game for the average investor, but real estate can be researched, practiced, and mastered. Mr. R has exemplified this by fortifying his IRA with multiple real estate holdings. “I’ve never had much success in the stock market”, says Mr. R, “but real estate has always been something I could understand! I use what I understand!” Investing in what you know and trust is one of the many advantages that self-directed retirement investing can provide.

Jeff R, CO

Thank You

The last two years Clay Malcolm has taught a powerful 4 hour Continuing Education course at our Board of Realtors. I'm amazed at how he commands the attention of the audience with the knowledge he shares on the ability to use retirement accounts to invest in real estate. Over the last 18 years I've either represented clients or invested as an individual with Self Directed IRA accounts so this isn't new to me, but to so many Realtors attending the class it is an eye opening experience. They are given an opportunity to further help their investors or take steps to control their own retirement. Thank you Clay and New Direction IRA for being so helpful to our real estate community.

Dale M, UT

Great Job New Direction - Especially the Precious Metals Team

I wanted to invest in precious metals and found a way to rollover money from a 401K into an IRA. Due to before and after tax money, two accounts needed to be opened. In most of my dealings with companies, they usually fall short and I am disappointed. In the case of New Direction, they not only met my expectations but far exceeded them. They have always been outstanding in their timely response and their communication about every step of the process has been exceptional. I recommended New Direction to a friend and he has had a similar exceptional experience. I am quick to complain (which I do a lot), but I am also one to step up and commend exceptional service. Great Job New Direction, especially the Precious Metals team.


My IRA was able to purchase leveraged real estate

My IRA was able to purchase leveraged real estate by using administration services provided by New Direction IRA, Inc. I have also assisted my clients in putting together private placement investments for use by their IRA accounts and found New Direction to be helpful and responsive to my needs and the needs of my clients.

R. B, CO

A big thanks to you all at New Direction IRA Inc.

I am a Florida resident and I appointed NDIRA as my administrator to purchase a local property which I wished to hold in my IRA as an investment income property. They handled the transaction with ease and I was able to direct the transaction by internet through their secure site portal. My husband who saw how easy it was then also appointed NDIRA as his adminstrator for a similar transaction. We have both been able to remove our IRA investments from the volatile stockmarket and put the IRAs to work in a more tangible Property Market. A big thanks to you all at New Direction IRA Inc.

S. G, FL

I Liked the Simplicity New Direction Offered and the Fee Structure!

I have worked with New Direction IRA for more than two years. I initially moved my IRA funds into a self directed account after learning about it at a local real estate investment club meeting. I had been looking for an alternative to the low cost mutual funds and ETF's that I had been investing in and that were becoming increasingly risky in my view.

I also felt that because I had some expertise in the field of real estate it made sense to open up my IRA to potential real estate investing opportunities as a way to increase my future holdings for retirement. My actual plan evolved into buying many investment properties (both residential and commercial), and buying the properties using leverage as well.

My target date to be "financially independent" is 2019 when I will be 55 years old. Over the past two years I have been able to average well over 25% per year return, including the monthly cash flows from the rental properties as well as appreciation, which is overlooked by many investors. Once I have paid the properties off, my returns should be consistently greater than 30% based on my historical numbers.

When I do start taking distributions, I intend to draw only from the positive monthly cash flows that the rental properties throw off while the actual properties themselves will hopefully continue to appreciate over time, continuing to grow tax deferred within my self directed IRA.

Finally, I would say that prior to setting up my self directed IRA with New Direction, I had researched more than 10+ other firms offering a similar product. I liked the simplicity New Direction offered and the fee structure. New Directions fees are very reasonable in my view and fit well within my overall strategy of accumulating real estate investment properties within my IRA.

T. A, DC

The staff really took the time

My experience with New Direction IRA has been great! They have been very helpful to me, explaining the process and details of how to invest using an self directed IRA. The staff really took the time with me and I am happy with their service in every way. I say "Get with the times and take control of your retirement investments!"

M. T, HI

It has taught me how to own the outcome of my own future

In 2005 I retired from my employer of 33 years. For the first time, I had complete control of my IRA and how I wanted to invest it. I spoke to two different brokers and shared with each that I really wanted to invest in Real Estate, but each showed me the 30 average for stocks and mutual funds - and told me that real estate wasn't for me. I went ahead and set up a plan with one of these firms. We had projected that I would double my money in 7 years (at a rate of return of 10.5%) and with those results I was sitting good to fully retire after those 7 years, with enough money to meet my retirement goals.

By spring of 2008, my projected 10.5% looked more like 2% and I was not on track to be prepared for retirement in time for my 2013 birthday as planned. I had a share of the IRA in contracts that had come due, and I did not renew those contracts. Good timing for me, while I watched the remaining funds dwindle with the 2008 crash, these funds were sitting in cash. At that time I had been investigating different investment opportunities and venture capital groups. I had heard about New Direction, and started investigating the self directed approach. It seemed like a good fit.

I opened an account with New Direction, and in the spring of 2009, "Uncle IRA" started purchasing homes with our IRA funds. Tina, our Asset Acquisition Manager at New Direction, has been very helpful teaching us how to follow the IRS rules and New Direction as a group does a great job making sure all transactions are compliant with IRS rules and regulations.

In the economic times we are in, the thing I like most about New Direction and the Self Directed IRA concept is that it has taught me how to own the outcome of my own future. I feel I had two choices - become dependent on government funding during retirement, or grow my retirement to be self-sufficient. I have a motto to inspire me, stuck on my Worksheet - Press On - Be Deliberate! Or spelled out - Build a detailed plan - then forge ahead and execute.

I most likely will not fully retire when my 2013 birthday arrives, however thanks to Self-Direction and the infrastructure provided by New Direction - my options are back on track! In fact, I wouldn't trade my old IRA even at a doubled amount from 7 years ago - for the plan, direction and assets I have now.

I do and have recommended New Direction to family and friends. To date, a few of them have opened accounts and are now growing their IRAs with steady growth.

T. M, DC

New Direction has been absolutely awesome

Someone mentioned at a dinner party that they had a friend who was considering purchasing a second home using their IRA. I "Googled" IRA to purchase real estate and found NDIRA. New Direction has been absolutely awesome. Tina and Amber have been the "dream team" for me. Tina really went out of her way to help get this account set up so that I could close on my Beach House in a time frame that was suitable to the seller. Amber has been great as well. She has been convenient any time I needed help or had questions and has been professional the whole time. I have already talked to some of my friends about them using their IRA's like I did. Thanks New Direction!

B. S, LA

Knowledgeable about complicated real estate transactions

Three years ago, I was looking for a self directed IRA where I could take advantage of some good real estate investments. I went online and found only a few that interested me. After discussing accounts with those who offered to administer real estate transactions, I chose NDIRA, Inc. Their program was simple to learn, their people are knowledgeable about complicated real estate transactions, and are timely in processing the transactions. I would refer anyone to use NDIRA for a self directed IRA.

M. H, IN

It's nice having people who care

I found out about New Direction from a friend that introduced me to the program. New Direction's paperwork process was efficient and the staff was easy to work with when I had questions. I've told lots of my friends about the success of my new IRA investments and the service! It's nice having people who care to talk with when I have a problem or question - this is my big thumbs up to New Direction. Thank you!

F. S, CO

A big thank you to New Direction

A big THANK YOU to New Direction for helping me facilitate my IRA purchasing a parcel of land. You guys were patient and helpful to both me and the closing attorney. It has been a pleasure to work with you.

B. O, CO

Thank you and your office for all of your help

Just a quick note to thank you and your office for all of your help with the two real estate purchases last week. Everything went smoothly and we're now the proud owners of a couple of rental houses. Anyway, if you ever need an endorsement, consider me a volunteer.

B. C, CO

I recommend New Direction to all my clients these days

Are you frustrated by the performance of your retirement program? With the help of New Direction, I stopped leaving my retirement savings up to no name corporate boards that had everyone else's interest but mine. As a Realtor, I help clients succeed with buying and selling properties every day. Why couldn't I put my savings to work...for me?! I had heard about New Direction and their Self Directed IRA programs, but thought it was either too good to be true or just too complicated. Not only did they walk me through the process, with amazing patience and great customer service skills, Tina Garland helped me with my first purchase as well. These guys were amazing. What I first thought would be like splitting an atom turned out to be a walk in the park. I recommend New Direction to all my clients these days. Thank you New Direction IRA.

G. N, DC

Real Estate Investments

New Direction is great. They help us a lot with our real estate investments.


Great Webinars

New Direction offers great webinars to help educate any investor about the benefits of self directed IRA's.

J. K, AZ

Don't rely on the

Don't rely on the "old" ways... these guys are giving you the opportunity to make a real difference for your retirement!!!

C. L, CA