CEO Bill Humphrey to be a CPE Webinar Panelist with Strafford in August 2016

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On August 24, 2016, New Direction IRA CEO and Co-Founder Bill Humphrey will be presenting a webinar with Strafford, a national CLE/CPE webinar provider. The webinar will take place from 1-2:50 p.m. ET.

As an industry expert, Bill will present with a panel of other CPAs and tax experts about the assets and structures that can generate unrelated business taxable income (UBTI), in addition to covering UDFI rules and the treatment of qualified plan assets financed by debt. In addition to being the CEO of New Direction, Bill is also the co-owner of IRA Tax, which is a leading provider of tax document preparation services to individuals and corporations that have debt-leveraged investments in an IRA.

This CPE webinar will give non-profit tax professionals and advisers a thorough guide to calculating and reporting UBTI as it pertains to IRAs and other qualified plans. As one of the foremost authorities in the field, Bill will focus on the standards and guidelines for determining whether income derived from assets held by a qualified plan is subject to UBIT (unrelated business income tax).

While the typical investment strategy for qualified retirement plans is to defer income tax on any earnings on the asset until distributions are taken, certain types of income and transactions within an ordinarily exempt or deferred plan can be subject to unrelated business income tax. An IRA or other plan that receives UBTI over a specified threshold is required to report the income and pay unrelated business income tax on the UBTI. 

It’s important for tax advisers to understand the complex UBTI rules as they pertain to IRAs and other qualified plans. A tax advisor’s failure to recognize and account for UBTI in an IRA can lead to a host of negative tax consequences, including taxes and penalties. 

Bill teaches continuing education classes on retirement plan investment rules to investors, CPAs and investment professionals through a variety of venues across the country. If you are a non-profit tax professional or advisor looking to learn more about UBTI and retirement plans, you can sign up for Bill’s upcoming webinar here (link). You can also visit New Direction to access top-notch educational materials about self-directed IRA investing today. 

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