Employee Spotlight: Chris

Department: Business Development

Responsibilities: I educate both individuals and businesses about using self-directed retirement plans. I strive to develop relationships with business partners and individuals, to help grow our business, and to assist people with the account opening process.

What makes me a great member of the team: I have a passion for self-directed retirement investing. I’ve personally used self-directed accounts since 2006 and I owned a retirement business for five years.

My passion at NDIRA: Educating people on the possibilities of self-directing.

My passion outside of NDIRA: My family. I have four teenagers that are active in swimming, golf, and skiing. We spend a lot of time on the slopes, at the golf course, and at swimming pools.

What I love about living in Colorado: The great weather, health-conscious people, and access to amazing outdoor activities.

Favorite Movie: “The Bucket List”

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