Employee Spotlight: Hercules B.


Information Technology


Management, Strategy and Execution of Information Technology Solutions

What makes me a great member of the team

Over two decades of Information Technology experience specializing in Retail, Supply Chain, Financial Markets and Automation, fulfilling Leadership roles, Business Liaison, Consulting and an Entrepreneur. I’m a value-add for the New Direction IRA team considering the shape of the immediate future in the Self-Directed IRA space and the importance of account management technology like myDirection®.

My passion at NDIRA

Contribute to the success and growth of New Direction IRA to exceed market expectations.

My passion outside of NDIRA

  1. Old fashioned "Provider" for the family.
  2. Building Automated Trading Strategies for the Financial Markets.

What I love about living in Colorado

There is something special about Colorado...it "attracts" Prosperity and Diversity.

Favorite Movie

No favorites as such. I enjoy movies in general (including kids' animated movies).

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