Employee Spotlight: Ryan D.


Business Development - Educational Specialist
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I am responsible for being an educational resource for potential IRA clients and B2B partners, sometimes both at once. Typically, in addition to daily calls and emails, I attend local investor events (regarding all the asset types) and help support other departments.

My Passion at NDIRA

My passion is bringing my past experience in performance art and customer management to the world of Self-Directed IRAs. My role has allowed me to sit as a fly on the wall and hear about all sorts of investments and then advise on how they are done with Self-Directed IRA funds.

My Passion outside of NDIRA

Having fun and not taking myself too seriously. Live music and comedy, traveling, and setting up Anthony Bourdain-style days certainly all come to mind. When the opportunity arises, I’ll play either Billy Ocean’s Caribbean Queen or Herb Alpert’s Casino Royale on a bar jukebox. Finally, being the best husband I can and supporting my amazing wife definitely round out the day-to-days.

Favorite Movie(s)

Any movie that was a ride at Universal Studios in the 90s.

Favorite Musician

Bruce Springsteen (and the E Street Band)

Favorite Song

“Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)” – From Springsteen’s 1973 Album: The Wild, the Innocent, & the E Street Shuffle

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