Employee Spotlight: Sarah

Department: Asset Acquisitions (Transactions)

Responsibilities: Assistant Manager – Coordinate and assist team manager with daily running of the department for both non-real estate and real estate transactions. Review all outgoing investments daily and assist team members with unique transactions and questions.

What makes me a great member of the team: I have a great attention to detail, which helps ensure our client transactions are completed within IRS guidelines. Having an open and friendly personality allows for both clients and my team members to feel comfortable discussing their transaction paperwork or questions with me.

My passion at NDIRA: I love the fact that I am continually learning and developing new knowledge everyday with New Direction. Even after almost 6 years with the company, I still grow in the different types of investments offered and how the industry itself is changing.

My passion outside of NDIRA: I am a bookworm. I pretty much carry a book with me where ever I go. In my free time I also make handmade greeting cards and enjoy camping with my husband and our two dogs, who ride in our side-by-side in the mountains.

What I love about living in Colorado: The mountains!!! I absolutely LOVE seeing the mountains everyday and knowing I’m close enough to drive through the hills pretty much whenever I want. Even my morning drive into work is beautiful as I drive toward the mountains.

Favorite Movie: There are too many! This would be where the nerd in me comes out…I’m a musical fan and a Disney junkie, so it would be either: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers or Beauty and the Beast (animated).

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