Employee Spotlight: Scott S


Client Relations

What makes me a great member of the team?

I really enjoy the job and I think that carries over to the clients I work with each day. I try to create exceptional service for the clients I interact with on a daily basis. I also find the industry fascinating because you are constantly learning something new each day. The job really keeps you on your toes and I like the hustle and bustle of a busy day.

My Passion at NDIRA

We have such a great staff at New Direction and I really enjoy the colleagues I work with each day. Its fun to be a part of a successful company such as NDIRA. We work hard but we also have a lot fun. I also started teaching kettlebell training for a small group of employees twice a week. It’s great to work for a company that values the importance of health and fitness for their employees.

My Passion outside of NDIRA

Some of my favorite things outside of work are hiking 14ers, cooking for my family, grilling, strength and kettlebell training, watching football (a lot), and hanging out with my family and two little girls.

What I love about living in Colorado

The mountains and access to great hiking and great skiing. I love the four seasons and I always look forward to the next one, although fall is my favorite.

Favorite Movie

It’s a three-way tie between Shawshank Redemption, Goodfellas & Braveheart!

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