Employee Spotlight: Ursula

Department: Asset Acquisitions

Responsibilities: I process transactions for clients. I review documents, contact clients to request transaction details, transaction completions (wiring funds for our clients). You name it, I’ve done it at least once.

What makes me a great member of the team: I put quality and attention to detail above all else, and if I don’t know an answer I will find it.

My passion at NDIRA: My team. We work together and support each other in every way and I get to learn new things everyday. I also enjoy working with other departments to expand my knowledge to better help our clients with their investments.

My passion outside of NDIRA: My home, where I can just relax and enjoy down time. And then there’s the beach, too. I love cool ocean breezes and listening to the waves coming to shore.

What I love about living in Colorado: Oh, the mountains! Such beautiful places and so close to home.

Favorite Movie: Transformers, Pretty Woman, Ghost, Wonder Woman, Galaxy Quest (I can’t pick just one)

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