Lunch & Learn: England and Switzerland in 30 Minutes

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England and Switzerland in 30 Minutes By: Dave Michael
Lunch & Learn 11/16/17

Visiting other countries has always enriched travelers with glimpses into other languages, cuisines, and cultures. In this week’s Lunch & Learn, Dave showed off his photography skills while sharing his European travels from this past summer. His first-time adventure abroad featured stops in some of the finest destinations across the pond: England, France, Switzerland, and Austria. Dave’s presentation highlighted his favorite sights and sounds from England and Switzerland.

In England, Dave saw the best of London’s centuries-old landmarks, including Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and the London Bridge. He also happened to meet a fellow Coloradan while taking in the London Eye, the iconic Ferris wheel just across the Westminster Bridge. Big Ben will be rendered silent for a few years as it undergoes an extensive cleaning, a process that fortunately began shortly after Dave had a chance to hear the famous bell echo across the English capital. While at Westminster Abbey, Dave learned about the historical figures that have been laid to rest beneath the expansive marble structure, including Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin, and Sir Isaac Newton.

More rich history would meet breathtaking scenery as Dave made his way to Switzerland. When it comes to picturesque landscapes, there are few better places on earth than the Swiss Alps with their rolling green fields beneath snow-capped mountains. Dave’s hotel room in the city of Montreux provided a stunning view of Lake Geneva. He discovered the old castles that lined the lake and explored the endless valleys lined with waterfalls, quaint villages, and bell-donning milk cows.

With only 30 minutes to work with, Dave was able to scratch the surface of his trek across Europe. He has ample photos and stories from his time in France and Austria, which could make for another fascinating Lunch & Learn down the road.

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