Lunch & Learn: Hands-On Card Making

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Hands-On Card Making By: Sarah Cole
Lunch & Learn 9/20/17

There were few things our parents loved more than receiving a handmade birthday or Christmas card with way too much glitter and backward letters. Our spelling skills came along a bit once we reached adulthood, but some things never change. Our loved ones still prefer the personal touch of a hand-crafted greeting card over a store-bought piece of drivel. Sarah understands this as well as anybody, so she took it upon herself to share her crafty hobby in this week’s Lunch & Learn.

Sarah, after hours of weekend preparation and with the help of Theresa and Ursula, provided the group with the materials to make their very own seasonal cards. Everyone split up into three groups to make a Halloween, winter, or butterfly-themed card. Each station featured the fruits of Sarah, Theresa, and Ursula’s after-hours labor: Pre-cut paper with various patterns for stylistic overlapping, two blank designs—one for the outside and one for the inside—for us to finish, the card base, and an envelope. They also provided colored pencils, markers, glitter, and stamps for additional customization.

After coloring our designs and gluing the paper slips together, we applied other fun three-dimensional materials like ribbons and rhinestones. Once our creations were looking especially snazzy, we mounted everything onto the card base. Our three hosts brought quality examples of each style as guides, which every participant followed and expanded upon by incorporating their own personal flair. By the end of the class, everyone had assembled a unique and festive greeting card just in time for fall and the holiday season to follow.

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