October 2017 Note From the Principals

At New Direction IRA, we acknowledge the fact that markets aren’t the only things that change. Recent events involving the security of non-public personal information have re-affirmed our commitment to defending your self-directed retirement accounts from identity thieves.

You may have already noticed our latest wave of security measures on your myDirection® portals. These initiatives add layers of protection to your self-directed IRAs without compromising the user-friendly platform we strive to provide:

  • Security Questions – If you haven’t already, you’ll be directed to select and answer five security questions for the protection of your online dashboards. In addition to your username and password, you’ll be required to answer one of the five security questions every time you access your myDirection® page.
  • Two-Way Authentication – Any updates to your log-in information, security questions, or notification preferences (paper vs. electronic) made through your myDirection® portal will now be subject to two-way authentication. You’ll either receive a text message (mobile) or phone call (landline) with a one-time PIN to confirm any changes you initiate. You’ll also receive a confirmation e-mail upon completion of the update.
  • For assistance with any matters related to these updates or to report an unauthorized change to your account, please don’t hesitate to contact our client relations specialists at 877.742.1270.

We hope you understand that account security will always be a top priority at New Direction IRA. Updated firewalls and anti-malware are among the other safeguards we’re in the process of introducing, with additional reviews and implementations around the corner as well.

Please remember that we’re working diligently to advance our services in other areas as well. We don’t merely want to protect our clients; we want to empower them to the greatest possible extent. Our Business Development team contacts new vendors and issuers everyday to refine our ability to service alternative investment options even further. We’re also exploring new asset types and researching the most effective ways to incorporate them into a self-directed IRA. We look forward to rolling out new conveniences as well as security measures and will keep you informed throughout the process.

Bill Humphrey & Catherine Wynne

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