September 2018 Note from the Principals

We are thrilled to announce that New Direction IRA will become New Direction Trust Company! As part of our ongoing mission to provide the best services possible for your self-directed retirement accounts, we have applied for and received a Trust Charter. For the past 15 years, New Direction IRA has been privileged to provide education and account services for self-directed IRA investors, and this initiative to obtain our Trust Charter is a clear move to strengthen our suite of offerings for both the short term and long term.

Ironically, while this change over to New Direction Trust Company is a substantive change from a business perspective, it will require little to no action on your part and will not impact your fees or service! Ownership and staff will remain the same. Our office and our phone numbers will remain the same. Your myDirection® online account services will remain the same. Even your account’s tax ID number will remain the same.

We will, however, have a new logo along with our new name, which will be unveiled in the coming weeks. Even though will remain online, New Direction Trust Company will have a new website within a few weeks. Your online services and education will not be affected, whether you access them through the New Direction IRA site or the New Direction Trust Company site.

With our Trust Charter in hand, we look forward to continuing to serve our account holders even as we transition to our new name over the coming weeks. For more information about this exciting new chapter for us and you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 877-742-1270 or send us an e-mail at

Bill Humphrey & Catherine Wynne

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