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Self Directed IRA Investments - Your Expertise and Knowledge

Your Expertise In An IRA

The IRS allows an IRA, Individual 401(k), HSA, or ESA to acquire most assets without penalty and while keeping the tax benefits associated with that account type.  This means that the IRA holder can utilize the personal expertise and experience that they have with business and investments to make money for their IRA.

An IRA holder’s private information or experience can be used to benefit that IRA.
In fact, almost any investment that makes money outside of an IRA, can also be used to make money for an IRA. 

Many investors have a social agenda for their investments.  For example, some account holders favor “green” investments.  Other individuals choose to invest in local opportunities.  As long as the asset acquisition is a “real” economic transaction, intended to make money for the IRA, the IRS will allow you to exercise your own agenda when selecting an investment.

Below are some investments that account holders have looked into for their IRAs.  If you have specialized knowledge about a field, you can put it to use with your IRA funds!

  • Golf Course
  • Hardwood Trees
  • High Rate Auto Paper
  • Freight Truck Fleet
  • Alternative Investment Fund
  • Tractor
  • Race Horses
  • Seismic Data Set
  • Sugar
  • Mineral Rights
Self Directed IRA educational videos - 10 Ways to Invest for Retirement

10 Ways to Invest for Retirement

Opportunities to invest your retirement funds in alternative assets are nearly limitless. With a self directed IRA at New Direction, your account is permitted to invest in any asset allowed by the IRS. This presentation will discuss how an IRA can invest into Physical Real Estate, Land, Oil and Gas, Precious Metals, Private Loans, Private Equity, Green Investments and more! Be sure to watch this video and see how you can take full control of your financial future.

What Are The Benefits of Choosing Assets that utilize your personal expertise?

  • Allows you to use your hard-earned expertise in a tax-advantaged environment.
  • Because you have experience with and understand the asset, you will have a better sense of how the asset will perform.
  • Allows true diversification of your retirement account.
  • You have strategic control over the assets that your IRA owns.
  • Your personal values can guide your investments.

Your Expertise IRA - Important Things To Know

  • The IRA is the owner of the assets, not the IRA holder. Therefore, acquisition and maintenance costs come from the IRA, and proceeds go back into the IRA.
  • All legal documents related to an IRA-owned asset must be in the name of the IRA, not your personal name. 
  • Disqualified persons rules apply to all IRA held assets.
  • The IRA holder may not derive an income from the IRA’s assets.
  • The IRA holder can provide direction and strategy for IRA assets but cannot provide “sweat equity”.
  • If an IRA invests in an ongoing business, Unrelated Business Income Tax may need to be addressed by the IRA.
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IRA expert

Its easy to invest for retirement with an IRA
  1. Open an IRA with New Direction IRA
  2. Put money in that IRA by rolling money over from an old 401(k), transferring from another IRA, and/or making a contribution.
  3. Buy real estate, precious metals, private equity, loans, and more.

For more detailed information, feel free to contact us or visit IRS.gov.

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