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Self Directed IRA FAQ

Self Directed IRA - General
How do I get started?
How do I update my contact information?
What exactly does New Direction IRA do for my retirement plan?
1099-R Information


Self Directed IRA - Plans
How do I determine which plan is the best one for me?
What are the best kinds of retirement accounts for small business owners?
How do I self-direct my 401(k)?
Does my employer have to be involved in the decision as to what I do with my 401(k)?


Self Directed IRA - Beneficiary
How do I name beneficiaries for my IRA?
What is a Beneficiary IRA (or "Inherited IRA")?
Who can be named as an IRA beneficiary?
What if the deceased IRA holder is a NON-spouse?
Is there a time limit in which I must take the full balance?
Will my will or trust override who I list as my designated beneficiary?
Why should I name beneficiaries?
How often should I review my beneficiary designations?


Self Directed IRA - Individual 401(k) Plans
What is an Individual 401(k) plan?
How do I know if I should consider an Individual 401(k) plan?
NDIRA Individual 401(k) services ?
Am I eligible for an Individual 401(k) plan?


Self Directed IRA - Investments
Can I buy real estate in my retirement plan?
What investments can I make with my IRA and qualified plans?
What are "Alternative" investments?


Self Directed IRA - Valuation
May I provide my own valuation of my IRAs assets?
Who are disqualified persons?
Why do I have to provide a value now when I have not had this requirement in the past?
Is this only for self directed IRA accounts?
Who pays for this valuation?
Can I use this IRA asset valuation for the purposes of the Required Minimum Distribution?
What if I do not provide a valuation of the asset in my IRA?
Can this valuation be used for in-kind (taxable) distributions and Roth conversions?
Can you walk me through how to provide the valuation for my account?
My Valuation was rejected. Why?
Do Roth Accounts need valuations even though they are tax free?


Self Directed IRA - Gold & Other Precious Metals
Can I buy gold and other precious metals in my retirement plan?
Does New Direction IRA choose the precious metals dealer for my Gold IRA?
Which IRA plans can be used to purchase gold and other precious metals?
How do I acquire precious metals with my IRA?


Self Directed IRA - Real Estate
Does the IRS allow real estate in an IRA?
Why haven't I heard about real estate investment in IRAs?
How do I buy real estate with my retirement plan?
Can I buy property  as tenants-in-common with another IRA?
I have a 401(k). Can I invest that in real estate?
Do I need an LLC to purchase real estate with my IRA?
Where do I find an investment property?
Can I repair the property myself?
How do I find a lender?
How long must my IRA own a property before selling it?
Do I have to pay capital gains taxes if I sell the property?
Can I take property as a distribution and then live in it?
Can I buy foreclosed property using my IRA?
How long does it take to purchase a property?


Self Directed IRA - Not Enough Money?
What do I do if I don't have enough money to buy real estate in my IRA?
What about borrowing? Can my IRA get a mortgage?
Can I partner my IRA with my personal funds? Who else can I partner with?
I am interested in buying mortgages with retirement plan funds. Can I pool this with other plans?
How are real estate expenses paid?
Where does rent income go?


Self Directed IRA - Private Lending
A friend needs a loan. How do I protect my IRA if I use it to make the loan?
How do I take a loan from my IRA?

Self Directed IRA - Costs/Funds/Taxes
How much does a New Direction IRA retirement account cost?
How do I find out what the current investments limits are for my retirement plans?
What exactly is UBIT?
What happens if I have to withdraw funds out of my plan for an emergency?
What are the deadlines for contributions to my Qualified Plans and IRAs?
How long will it take to transfer funds from my Brokerage account to my New Direction IRA Account?
What are Required Minimum Distributions?

Self Directed IRA - other
What are the restrictions for the purchases?
Do I need to use a special broker and title company?
Can my IRA be sued?
Is there any liability to my retirement plan holding real estate?
What is a disqualified person or entity?
My daughter is buying a business. Can I lend her the money for the business out of my retirement plan?

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