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Self Directed IRA Investments - Securities

Securities in an IRA

Stocks, mutual funds, and other publicly traded securities are familiar assets in your IRA. With a self directed IRA, these assets can be utilized to their maximum potential. Only an SDIRA allows retirement investment to move from publicly traded securities to hard assets in just days, while staying in the IRA.

A retirement investor that seeks broad diversification and the ability to quickly adapt to economic changes has a powerful tool with an IRA that can hold both publicly-traded assets as well as private, “alternative” or hard assets.

Benefits of Securities in an IRA

  • Stocks are more liquid than other alternative assets and can be a valuable part of a self directed IRA strategy.
  • You can choose the specific stocks and/or securities in which the IRA invests.
  • Assets like real estate and loans generate cash returns in a self directed account. Brokerage can be a way for that cash to perform until you are ready to buy another hard asset.
  • Your IRA can buy and sell securities without tax consequence.

Securities investment General Rules

  • Purchases using margin are NOT available.
  • Short sales, naked calls and naked puts are NOT available.
  • The account cannot be at risk of going below a $0 balance.
  • Brokerage assets cannot be transferred in-kind into or out of your NDIRA account.
securities in an ira

Securities in IRA

Step-by-Step Guide to Acquire Securities

Step 1 – Open and fund your IRA – It takes New Direction IRA two business days to open your account once your application is in the office.  Then you will fund the account with a rollover, transfer, and/or contribution.  This may take several weeks, so plan for that in your timetable.

Step 2 – Fill out a Buy Direction Letter and submit it to NDIRA.

Step 3 – New Direction sends IRA funds to the brokerage house, and you initiate the account activity.

New Direction IRA is not a licensed brokerage and cannot hold or trade publicly traded stock directly. To purchase stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, the IRA holder instructs us to open a brokerage account that will be used to purchase the securities. Note that brokerage house fees are separate from NDIRA fees. (We can only work with Scottrade at this time).

Learn about New Direction IRA Brokerage Fees.

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